Lansing Still Undecided

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The latest polling data reveals that Lansing stands out from the rest of the state in the current battle for governor. While every other region of the state favors democratic candidate Jennifer Granholm, Lansing sees the race as a dead heat between she and republican Dick Posthumus.

The statewide EPIC -MRA survey shows the race at 44 percent to 44 percent with a 13 percent undecided vote. That compares to the rest of the state that is 55 percent Granholm, 42 percent Posthumus and only four percent undecided.

Granholm does hold a lead when voters are asked about favorability. Fifty-four percent of the Lansing voters have a favorable opinion of the attorney general while 31 percent do not. Posthumus gets a 46 percent favorable rating versus 23 percent unfavorable with Capitol City voters.

Statewide Granholm gets 65 percent favorability to 17 percent unfavorable and Posthumus gets 47 percent to 23 percent.