Mid-Michigan Smokers Head to Indiana Looking for a Deal

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Michigan's new tobacco tax is less than 24 hours old and already smokers are crossing the border, heading into Indiana, looking for cheap cigarettes.

Eaton Rapids resident Lori Thomas has made the trip before and says she'll be making it again now that cigarettes are an additional $0.75 a pack. It cost Lou Ellison, of Vermontville, $29.00 for a carton of Marlboro Lights at the State Line Tobacco store in Fremont, Indiana. Ellison says the carton would have cost her an arm and a leg in Michigan. Indiana's tobacco tax is $0.55 per pack compared to Michigan's $2.00 tax.

But before you make the trip, police want to remind you it's illegal to bring cigarettes from another state back into Michigan. If you get caught with any amount up to 15 cartons, you could be facing a misdemeanor, and any amount over that is considered a felony.