Sex Sting Operation Charges Lessened or Dropped

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A rest stop in Holt was targeted earlier this month ending with 12 men arrested on sex charges. Now the Ingham County Prosecutor says only some of them will be held responsible.

Michigan State Police conducted the sting because of numerous complaints regarding lewd, homosexual activity. But some say gay men were unfairly targeted. Shelli Weisberg, of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, says the police went after men they thought were gay, soliciting them and engaging them in conversation and setting a trap. The ACLU of Michigan is now conducting an investigation regarding the 12 arrests.

Meantime, the Ingham County Prosecutor has dropped some of the charges and lessened others. Originally, most of the men were facing misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Now, only a handful will face indecent exposure charges.