City of Lansing Ready to Buy Four Acre Plot of Land

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An empty lot with a few trees may be bare now-- but chances are, that won't be the case for long. Governor Granholm signed a bill Tuesday giving the 'thumbs up' for the city of Lansing to buy a four acre parcel of land just west of the capitol to be primarily used for residential housing.

"The city has had it's eye on this property for a number of years, said Bob Johnson, Lansing's Planning and Neighbor Development Director. "The close proximity to state offices, the close proximity to downtown...housing is a natural fit for it."

Ottawa, Butler, Sycamore and Ionia streets surround the four acres of land. Lansing will pay $450,000 to the state for it.

"This is another piece to the puzzle," said Bob Trezise, the Lansing Economic Development CEO. "We are adding hundreds of residents to our downtown as we speak, in condos, apartments. I think our time is arriving finally after a number of decades of reverse, people leaving the downtown area."

Acquiring the land is the city's latest attempt to bring people back downtown. The Arbaugh opened earlier this year, and the Stadium District Project, which will host retail and office space will house condos and lofts as well.

For the city's latest project, so far there hasn't been a problem finding for developers.

"There have been at least two developers that have expressed interest with regards to this parcel-- and we expect there are a number more than that," said Johnson.

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