Eastwood-Area Construction Goes Forward Without New Sewers

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By this time next week, two new roads should be under construction near the Eastwood Towne Center.

"There are commitments made to business owners and residents that this road would be in place by the end of 2007," Lansing Township Planning Director Steve Hayward told News 10.

But the township is moving forward with no deal in place to build new sanitary sewer service for the new development.

The work is expected to start on Sam's Way, the street with the Sam's Club on it in the Eastwood Towne Center. The road will be extended past Wood Street to connect with a new Chamberlin Drive to be built just west of the old one.

The project will include the roadwork and all utilities -- except for the new sanitary sewer the township wanted.

So how can the township do it?

First of all, Hayward says the roads aren't just about economic development. They should add to safety and traffic flow, he says. But the township does want to develop the areas.

"The existing sewers in the area, with no upgrades, could handle growth through 2012, 2015," Hayward said.

A new sewer could perhaps handle growth out to 2025 or 2027. The city of Lansing claims it doesn't have the capacity to treat all that sewage.

But now the township says there won't be as much to treat because a soft economy will mean a smaller development.

If that doesn't convice city leaders, Lansing Township will look to its other neighbors, East Lansing and DeWitt Township. Neither community has made a determination as to whether it can handle the extra sewage.

"We've also consulted an engineer about building our own facility to service the area," Hayward said.

That could be costly. Hayward says that's why the township made a deal with the city 50 years ago.

"Hopefully that arrangement is still valid and we can work through this current dispute," he said.

Lansing city leaders won't comment on the story because township leaders haven't yet notified the city of their roadbuilding plans.

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