Construction Underway on Permanent Barricades

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The temporary barricades are out of the way, making way for two permanent, concrete structures in Lansing's Genessee Neighborhood.

Crews were digging Monday at the intersections of Sycamore and Saginaw Streets and Lapeer and Pine Streets. The hope is it will change traffic patterns and slow crime.

Last January, orange and white barriers went up after an increase in crime around the start of the New Year. They had been used in the area before and had been successful. They've been working this time too says Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley. "We're getting great reviews from not only neighbors, but the community police officer who has been here on a daily basis," Alley says.

Shortly after the temporary barricades went up in January, the City of Lansing added four community police officers to four areas of the city.

The barricades will be up in a couple of weeks. According to the city's Director of Public Service, the city will pay $25,000 for the two barricades.

A traffic note related to the barricade construction: Sycamore Street from Lapeer to Saginaw is closed. Lapeer Street from Sycamore to Pine is closed as well. One lane of traffic is closed briefly on Saginaw Street near Sycamore.

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