A Series of Accidents

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It started around 7:45 Sunday morning on I-94 westbound in Washtenaw County -- reports of a driver driving recklessly. Shortly thereafter the first in a series of accidents occurred -- a rollover at W I-94 and N 127.

"He was actually driving, and the cars in front of him, he's hitting the vehicle and forcing them off the road as he continues," says Sgt. Jim Morrall with the Ingham County Sheriff's Department.

After the first accident the driver then continued northbound on 127 causing five more accidents -- an accident at Henry Road, then Berry Road, a rollover at Territorial Road, then Plains Road, and the final accident at Columbia Road after the driver lost control. Two people were reported to have minor injuries. The driver was found unresponsive and was taken to Sparrow Hospital.

"Right now he's looking at felonius assault, cause he was intentionally ramming cars off the road. He's also looking at leaving the scene of a personal injury accident."

The suspect could also face charges of possession of narcotics with intent to deliver, and depending on toxicology results he could be charged with a DUI.

"There's other people we're trying to get a hold of right now that were actually forced off the road or forced out of the way, but there was no vehicle contact."

Found on the suspect was a personal recognizance bond receipt.

"As I tracked that back, that came back to the East Detroit District. And when I called there, he was released at four o'clock this morning on his personal recognizance on some type of charges from down there and was given a court date."

As for the reasoning behind the accidents that's still unknown. The suspect's identity has yet to be released, and the investigation will be lead by the Michigan State Police Jackson Post due to multiple counties involved.

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