Air Search for Missing Dog

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"We can see dogs. We can see fish swimming in the Huron River. You can see a lot of things," says Scott Lorenz, President of Westwind Balloon Company.

From three to five hundred feet in the air the search is on for Blue. He's a three-year old siberian husky that went missing on May 8th in Brighton Township.

"I know he's out there. I know he's alive. I can't explain why I know that. It's just a feeling."

Blue's owner, Sharon Young, says her family and friends had been searching for six weeks when they came up with an idea.

"Maybe if we get balloons, maybe we can see something," she says. "Maybe we'll see him running through a field."

"She wanted to pay us, and I said no, you can't pay us. We'll do it for free. We fly in this area all the time, and we're happy to do it," says Lorenz.

The Westwind Balloon Company runs seven days a week. On any given day there's about half a dozen balloons in the air.

"Every flight for the past few weeks we've been looking and talking to people when we land," Lorenz explains. "We actually have had some people who've seen the dog."

So far there have been roughly 30 sightings. And that continues to give Young hope, that Blue will be found alive.

"I love this dog," she says.

Adds Lorenz, "We're going to keep looking until we find the dog."

For more information on how you can help in the search for Blue, or if you've had a Blue sighting, contact Sharon Young at

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