Common Gain

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The staff at the East Stage beverage tent knows two things well on a Wednesday night: beer--and Catholic school.

They are students and parents from Lansing Catholic, and their work will earn a $2,000 each night for the volunteer fund.

"We donate back to them as if we were paying a staff," explains Common Ground's Malinda Barr.

"We think it's a great way to make some money," Ray Rzepecki, who coordinates the program for Lansing Catholic, says.

The jobs are things that would require staff is there weren't volunteers.

International Harvest church sells chairs. A boy scout troop gathers the trash each night. The Oak Park YMCA manned the SoCo tent. The money goes to their annual fund

"It's a large number of groups," Barr says. "It's a large number of dollars." Last year, it was $50,000 for the week. Over the last 7 years (not including this year) the total is over $200,000.

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