Clinton Book Goes on Sale Tuesday

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It's being called the publishing event of the summer, the June 22 release of former President Bill Clinton's book, My Life.

Angela Fisher, Schuler Books, and Music Assistant Manager say staff at the store has been taking some reserve requests, but she doesn't anticipate running out of the book. Schuler's has 300 copies on hand to put on sale Tuesday morning. Worldwide, two million copies are on hold even though there’s been no advance screenings or decorated displays at store. But there's been a lot of media attention, which is sparking interest.

The 957 page book addresses all points in Clinton's 57 years from his infidelities in office to the time he heard Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech. The book is priced at $35.00, but some stores say they expect the price to go down once it hits the Best Seller list.