Cell Phone Telemarketers

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Often times, people replace their home phone line with a cell phone specifically to avoid telemarketers. But now, the LA Times says Cellular Communications may have a new nationwide directory up by the end of the year, a list that may include more than 75 percent of the country's mobile phone numbers.

Local cell phone sales representatives say their customers are not happy about the list. Some of those customers are already receiving unwanted calls.

Currently there is no national list, but using a cell phone as a primary contact number when applying for things like credit cards and loans gives company's access to your number.

If the list does come out, it will be company specific. Verizon has said it will not release it's customer's numbers. Nextel already offers an option on its sign-up sheet to keep your number private.

As a last resort, phones are equipped with unwanted call blockers, and specified rings for incoming calls that are not in your phone book.