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You might call it passion, to wait in line hours for a phone.

After 28 hours, Mike Weber is willing to call it crazy.

"28 hours is a long time to wait for anything," he laughs. "If I can walk around with just one thing in my pocket, that's worth $600," he says of the Apple phone he's waiting for.

Only a few truly hardcore iPhone fans spent the night outside the Delta township AT&T store, but there were plenty here early enough to have a few hours to waste.

They played cars, and laid out in the sun, only to get antsy once the appointed hour approached.

"This Motorola hunk of junk," Scott Townsend cheered, holding up his old phone, "It's gone!"

More than 50 waited in line for the phone, which starts at $499.

"Honestly commercials is what got me," Elliot Green admitted.

The store ran out after most, but not all of the customers were served. They wouldn't say if they'll get more tomorrow. There are only two spots in mid-Michigan to get the phone--both AT&T stores.

As for the new iPhone owners, few took time to even gloat. Weber said he'd go home and nap while his phone charged, "and then play with it until 4 am."

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