Pipeline May Be Pipe-Dream

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The Michigan Supreme Court upheld a prior ruling stating that Wolverine Pipeline must receive permission by the City of Lansing in building its proposed 60 mile petroleum pipeline. About two miles of that runs through Lansing's backyard along Interstate-96, and Mayor Tony Benavides says, "There will be no pipeline in Lansing."

A Wolverine spokesperson says the ruling actually reaffirms the safety of the proposed route and could give the company an edge if it takes the legal argument to Federal court.

Legal experts reviewing the case including the Lansing City Attorney's office say the court battles ended with the high court's ruling.

One lawyer close to the case believes Wolverine would be more successful at this point lobbying for changes in the laws as opposed to a Federal court battle.

Wolverine says they still wish to broker some sort of deal with the city of Lansing.