Councilmember Accused of Pot Possession Says He's Still Running

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Jackson City Councilmember Bill Mure says he's still asking voters to send him back to city hall come November.

"I want the people of my ward decide whether they want me or not," Mure told News 10 before Monday's council meeting. "I'm not just going to go off what a few people say. I'll let them do the speaking."

He says the announcement by investigators that they found what they believe to be marijuana in his home has not affected his ability to do his job.

Investigators made a similar announcement about his sister and fellow Councilmember Sarah Mead. She says it "absolutely" has not affected her job.

But she says she hasn't decided whether to continue her re-election campaign.

"I don't know at this point," Mead told News 10.

Neither of them wanted to talk about what narcotics officers say they found. But one member of the audience at Tuesday's council meeting did have something to say.

"I'm just appalled," William Seelye said.

Seelye says everyone at City Hall ought to be drug tested. And what about Mure and Mead?

"I think the people involved should resign their posts," he said.

Mayor Jerry Ludwig says citizens need to let the system work, but he says the two councilmembers "aren't doing the city any favors" by continuing to serve.

"They're lying under the covers, so to speak," Ludwig said, adding the two haven't been in regular contact with other board members.

Mure and Mead have not been charged. Jackson County prosecutors turned the case over to prosecutors in Livingston County. They say they're waiting for tests to confirm that what officers say they found in the homes is in fact marijuana.

A Michigan State Police lieutenant assigned to the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team says those tests are done and ready to be reviewed by the prosecutor.

That move could lead to charges for the councilmembers.

Officers have said the amount of suspected marijuana they say they found in Mead's home could lead to felony charges. The amount they say they found in Mure's home is only enough for a misdemeanor.

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