Exercising in the Heat & Humidity

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Tammy Farnum is an avid runner. An MSU soccer coach, she runs at least once a day. And Tuesday's heat and humidity, it didn't stop her.

"We always make sure we're well hydrated when we take off and get a cold shower and get a quick meal right after," she says.

"A lot of people run in the heat day to day. So they're bodies become acclimated to it. So they usually have no problem," explains Justin Grinnell, a personal trainer at the Michigan Athletic Club.

He says people who aren't conditioned should avoid exercising outside on extremely hot days.

"They can experience cramps, faintness, dizziness."

"Nausea, vomitting, any type of weakness," adds Dr. Derek Steele of Ingham Regional Medical Center.

But even the well-trained should limit their time outdoors, says Dr. Steele.

"Probably only exercise outside for about fifteen minutes."

For those who can't seem to resist working out in the sunshine, Grinnell recommends less strenous activity.

"Like shooting baskets outside, taking an easy bike ride, maybe not going so hard at it, a walk not going for a strict run."

"We don't recommend exercising in the heat of the day. If you can do it early morning, late afternoon, early evening." explains Dr. Steele.

Experts recommend drinking one bottle of water before and after you exercise. And drink a bottle at least every half hour to hour you are outdoors.

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