Mid-Michigan Remembers President Reagan

Ronald Reagan
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While crowds gather at memorials in California and Washington, here in mid-Michigan flags are flying at half staff. Governor Jennifer Granholm has ordered that all state buildings and facilities lower their flags for the next thirty days as a sign of respect for the late President Reagan.

At the Michigan Republican Office, phone lines are busy. Spokesperson Matt Davis says they've gotten a lot of phone calls wondering what can be done and how residents can help remember Ronald Reagan. At the State Capitol, the Senate could be shutting down Friday as President Bush has declared it a national day of mourning. Senate Majority House Leader Ken Sikkema says, he hasn't consulted with his colleagues or the Governor yet.

Elsewhere in Michigan, people have been leaving condolences at the Gerald Ford Presidential Library in Grand Rapids and a memorial service will be held in Jackson on Tuesday. The service will be held at "Under the Oaks." City officials say it's the corner where the GOP held its first convention 175 years ago.

For a look back on the life of Ronald Reagan or to leave email condolences, log onto the websites listed below.