Rocks Hurled at Vehicles on I-94

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Rocks hurled from Interstate 94 overpasses in Jackson County over the weekend damaged several tractor-trailers and injured a woman.

The Leoni Township Police Department say a 37-year-old woman from Davison got a broken arm Saturday morning when a softball-sized rock was thrown into her tractor-trailer in the westbound lanes at the Hawkins Road overpass.

"it's just one of them risks you have to take, I guess," said 26-year veteran truck driver Robert Lammon. Although Lammon adds, that driving through overpasses can be nerve-racking.

"You go under them bridges and you kinda, you're kinda looking up all the time...It's kinda just back there," said Lammon. "You're always wondering if something's going to come over the side or not."

A total of five tractor trailers were hit by rocks on the Hawkins Road overpass. Without a lot of leads, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department says they'll step up on patrolling overpasses.

"We're gonna focus on the overpass this year," said Jackson County Undersheriff Tom Finco. "Not only us, you know that information is put out to all area police departments."

Undersheriff Finco believes the culprits are most likely kids, and says the department will ask neighbors in the area for tips.

"When they're actually throwing the objects off the bridge, they don't really realize the seriousness of what they're doing," said Undersheriff Finco.

Lammon says he is worried that something could happen, but he won't let it stop him.

"You just hope for the best," Lammon said.

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