Multiple Armed Robberies Hit Area

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It's the scary scenario you see in the movies, but this time it was for real.

As a woman walked alone to her car after leaving a Delhi Township bar just after midnight Saturday, she was approached by two men.

"One who displayed a gun by his waistband," says Ingham County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Danielle Patrick. "They demanded money. She gave them five bucks and they fled."

That armed robbery turned out to be the third of at least seven committed Saturday morning. Police say three men-- one driving a getaway car and two toting guns-- were targeting people who were by themselves.

"They were violent felonies that were committed," says East Lansing Sgt. Andrew Bouck.

Around 10 people were ultimately robbed in the greater Lansing area , from an East Lansing hotel to the MSU campus to apartment complexes.
East Lansing police say they have three men in custody, who they believe committed all the crimes.

"We recovered two weapons and other evidence from their vehicles that puts them at the scene of the crime," Bouck says.

As the weather continues to warm up, more people are bound to be on the streets at night. But police say you should never walk alone, like the woman was doing when she was left Crystal Bar and was robbed.

"If you come out of a business late at night, if at all possible, play it safe and walk with someone. If you can't, look at the area and see if there are people near your car. Don't make yourself a victim," Patrick says.

"Have situational awareness," Bouck says. "Walk with a friend or at least have a direct route to your vehicle. Don't talk on the phone-- it takes away from your awareness."

And if people still approach you, police say to remember no possession is more important than your life. Give them what they want and call the police.

Advice the victims thankfully followed Saturday morning.

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