Medical Marijuana Without the "High"

A compound called Ajulemic Acid may be the key to the controversy surrounding medical marijuana.

Doctors say it's showing promise as a powerful painkiller, without any mood altering side effects.

Human trials showed no stomach troubling side effects like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Even though researchers don't have a complete understanding of how the drug works, they say it may be on the prescription drug list within a few years.

Until now, Marinol has been the only FDA-approved marijuana-derived drug. It's used as an appetite stimulant for AIDS patients and for fighting nausea associated with chemotherapy.

But the drug has been linked to causing a "high" in some patients.

Now, human studies are in the works to see if Ajulemic Acid does what researchers claim.

If it works, it could be used to ease muscle pain for MS patients and slow the spread of cancer cells.

Right now, the U.S. army is using it as a topical drug to treat the blistering effects of mustard gas.