Combating Heel Pain


One of the most common forms of foot pain is plantar fascia, the inflammation of a sheet of ligament-like tissue that connects the heel bone to the front part of the foot.

As a result, the built-up calcification forms the typical heel spur, but doctors say the spur isn't the source of irritation.

With newly available technology, doctors have been using a series of shock waves of sound aimed precisely at the area of inflammation.

It's a form of irritating the irritation at the very base of the foot where it inserts into the bone. The technology is from the kidney stone blaster made by the same company.

Its success rate is leaving 70 to 80 percent of patients with positive results.

Doctors are now looking to use this method to treat foot pain indefinitely.

This is an FDA approved procedure, which can be done on almost anyone. It's for those with properly diagnosed plantar fasciaitis and who's failed the regular ice, medication and physical therapy treatments.