Baby Kaleb

These are the pictures of Kaleb Schwade who up until last month was a healthy baby boy. But now he's fighting for his life after being diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He's got an overwhelming amount of support, though, from people across the country -- all of them linked to Kaleb through the social networking website MySpace.

Kaleb was born in Tampa, Florida to Kristy and Joshua Schwade. Joshua was born and raised in Jackson and left for Florida about three years ago.

On May 8th, of this year, Kristy took her son to babysitter. The next day Kaleb was unresponsive. He was admitted to Tampa General Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he still is currently.

According to Joshua's brother Ronald Schwade, who declined an on camera interview, Rebecca Saunders was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, and is out on bond.

News of Kaleb's condition spread through Kristy's blogs. In fact hers is currently number six in MySpace's most popular.

There are other MySpace websites that are specifically designed to garner support for baby Kaleb -- most made by strangers. One of them is called "Support Kaleb Bracelets" where people can buy prayer bracelets for five bucks, with most of the money going towards the Schwades.

Kaleb has suffered seizures and has gone blind because of the incident. Right now he's currently fighting bacterial meningitis.
But in her latest blog, Kristy says Kaleb is responding to voices, which means he can hear -- a huge feat for one so small.

MySpace pages dedicated to Kaleb:

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