Police Impersonator Stops Woman in Ingham County

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The Ingham County Sheriff's Office is investigating, looking for a man they say pulled over, handcuffed and harassed a woman early Saturday morning. It happened in Williamstown Township near the intersection of Zimmer and Sherwood Roads.

The suspect is described as a male, possibly Hispanic, under six feet tall with a flat top haircut, deep voice and larger framed glasses. He was wearing a brown outfit. "She described it as all brown, with an embroidered badge versus a metal one and no gun belt," says Det. Lt. Roy Holliday.

The police impersonator was driving a late 90s or early 2000 model white, Chevrolet Impala with an older style light bar on top.

This, not the first time an impostor has hit mid-Michigan. About seven years ago the East Lansing Police Department was investigating similar incidents. At least six stops were made; the man had a uniform and a realistic looking car. Sketches were drawn up, but no one was ever arrested.

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