Summer Camps

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At Everett High School roughly 50 kids ages eight to ten spent their Monday at the Desmond Ferguson Basketball Clinic. It's one of the summer camps underway in our area.

"It gives them an outlet to do something else outside of sitting in front of the TV and playing on the internet or playing video games," says Ferguson.

Across town at MSU, 30 high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors were in their second day at the Michigan Youth Leadership Forum. It's a program for those with disabilities.

"Just because somebody could be blind or somebody could not be able to walk doesn't mean they can't do anything," says Drew Montgomery, a MYLF mentor.

Adds MYLF organizer Bill Milzarski, "The purpose of the camp is to take our youth with disabilities and give them the opportunity to learn how to advocate for themselves."

First time camper Rebecca Parten says she's enjoyed the camp so far, especially one thing in particular.

"Getting to meet other kids my age with disabilities. Because I don't get to very much," she says.

Running the track at Eastern High, were about 80 kids -- the youngest seven the oldest 18.

"It's just great to work on your sport and make sure you're still improving," says camper Craig Eifert.

The program is the World Champ Wrestling Camp.

"At our camp we burn some calories as well as learning wrestling techniques," explains WCWC's director Robert Allen.

Clinician Matt Valenti says, "I'm trying to teach them some of the basic fundamentals of wrestling. But more important than anything else trying to teach them some things about life and a little bit about themselves."

And these camps, they're just three out several across Mid-Michigan.

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