Pre-Racing Hoopla In Brooklyn

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The road leading up to some of the fastest speeds in the country was, well, downright slow Sunday, as thousands of NASCAR fanatics made their way into MIS to watch some more exciting driving.

"They're used to it, they just sit and wait," says one onlooker of the traffic.

The traffic going into the track at just 10:45 in the morning was virtually at a standstill. But that didn't seem to matter to the fans. These folks had beer, brats and racing on their minds.

"The smell of the racing fuel, the roar of the engines-- it's incredible," says Ernesto Medrano of DeWitt.

A group of fathers from Lansing left their families at home and opted for a Father's Day full of fraternity and fast cars instead.

"This is the perfect way to spend Father's Day," Medrano says. "I'm with my buddies, we're having fun and getting ready for a great race."

Other fathers weren't as lucky.

"He gets to spend the day with the twins while I go to the race. Sorry, Greg! It's the deal we made!" says Cindy James of Cincinnatti.

The sun and heat weren't the only things sizzling sunday. Sausages on the BBQ were crackling at every camper.

Everyone had a driver to support and a number to wear. People from all over the country-- and the world-- were amazed by Sunday's sights. One woman from Germany marveled that she'd never seen anything like the race in her life.

These pre-racing good times, some would say, may be the best part of the experience at MIS.

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