8 year-old Cancer Patient Pitches in at Her Own Fundraiser

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A couple of Lansing area Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants drummed up business Monday, to help a young girl fighting an aggressive cancer.

You may know 8 year-old Lacey Holsworth as a super fan of MSU basketball star Adreian Payne. Holsworth of St. Johns, has a contagious smile, and a lot of courage. She’s battling neuroblastoma cancer. On Monday, she got a quick lesson in waitressing, to help fill orders at her very own fundraiser. Abby Eiseler, Manager at East Lansing’s Buffalo Wild Wings organized the event. “I had the idea about 4 weeks ago to do a fundraiser for Lacey, and I presented it to her mom through a friend of a friend." Lacey’s father, Matt Holsworth says, “She actually knew one of the nurses, Lacey's nurses in the hospital, and they gave her our number and asked us, can we do this fundraiser for your family."

The Holsworths face financial challenges, as they give Lacey the care she needs to fight the aggressive form of childhood cancer. Her father Matt says, “Right now its day to day. She, some days will have some pain, and other days she'll be kind of wiped out and tired. Some days she'll have some happy days and those are the ones we try to enjoy. So today we're definitely trying to enjoy it." Eiseler says, “I want Lacey and her family to be able to get 100% of the proceeds and to put it toward medical bills and expenses and you know everything that they need."

Buffalo Wild Wings is donating 10% of it’s daily sales to the Holsworth family. Others have donated t-shirts, wrist bands, and silent auction items. Eiseler says, “The community got behind us and a bunch of local businesses,and its just gone everywhere from here to Holt to Ohio. We actually received a phone call the other day from Germany." Matt Holsworth appreciates the support for Lacey. “Just trying to give her the best treatment we can and continue to help her fight through."