Constituents React to Drug Accusations About Councilmembers

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On the residential streets of the 4th and 2nd wards, accusations their councilmembers may have used drugs strike a chord.

"It's illegal. He's supposed to be upholding the law," Mickey Stark says of Mure.

Neither Mure nor Mead have been arrested or charged. Mead could be charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana because of the amount of marijuana she allegedly had in her home. Mure could be charged with a misdemeanor. Only a felony conviction would bar a councilmember from serving.

"I don't think we should pay top dollar to the people to use their money on drugs," Jennifer Spahr says.

Don Lindeman says he's not surprised. "They probably all do. That's why I don't vote because I feel they are gonna do what they want to do."

Debbie Henry was surprised, and disappointed, after working with Mure last year to create a neighborhood watch.

"We're trying to clean up the city with drugs and such and he's doing this?" she says.

Her neighbor, David Walker says he considers the amount of marijuana a mitigating factor. He's not certain simple marijuana use would be serious enough to bar Mure from council, but even still...

"Would I vote for him again? Probably not."

We did find voters who say these accusations are Mure and Meads' personal business. Crystal Nelson, who lives in Mead's district, says, "Doesn't really bother me, it just doesn't. I don't feel I really have anything to do with it."

Her friend, Spahr, very much disagrees. "Makes you wonder who's running Jackson," she says.

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