Jackson City Council Members' Homes Raided

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Officers found a handgun, scales and pot in the homes of Sarah Mead and William Mure, but made no arrests. The two council members are brother and sister. Mead represents the 4th Ward and Mure represents the 2nd Ward.

In Mead's Center Street home, Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team or JNET found just under a quarter of a pound of pot, a small caliber registered handgun and a scale. Officers say the pot was packaged in seven different bags and there was enough to make nearly 300 joints.

At Mure's Gilbert Street home, officers found a small amount of pot and a scale.

Neither Mead or Mure answered their doors or phones Wednesday. But, a published report has Mead admitting the pot was for her personal use. "I've had a difficult year. That's the way I relax at the end of the day," Mead is quoted as saying.

The seizures were a result of an ongoing investigation. Another recent tip moved it forward, search warrants were obtained and the homes were raided Tuesday afternoon. No arrests were made.

A JNET official tells News Ten they could have arrested both Mead and Mure, but they didn't because they wanted to have the drugs analyzed, at the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, before a preliminary hearing takes place. The crime lab is backed up, so the analysis will have to wait. JNET stresses these cases were handled the same as any other case given the amount of drugs involved.

Councilmember of Ward 5, Andrew Frounfelker, found out about the raids at the city council meeting Tuesday. Both Mure and Mead were at that meeting. Frounfelker says, "I hope we can get a resolution to this as soon as possible, whatever the outcome." He says he hopes council members Mead and Mure get whatever help they need in this situation.

Jackson Mayor Jerry Ludwig has already looked into what could happen to both council members if charged and convicted. Ludwig says, "We can't really act on anything until we see what happens down the road."

The Jackson County Prosecutor will determine whether to file charges. Based on what was found at the homes, Mead could be charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana felony. Mure could be charged with possession of marijuana, which is a misdemeanor.

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