Saturn Goes Head-to-Head with International Competition

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It's not something you see very often...or at all for that matter. A competitor's car in a showroom simply doesn't happen. It's exactly what GM's Saturn is doing. Saturn is putting its newest model, the Aura, side-by-side in the showroom against Honda's Accord and Toyota's Camry.

"I think it's the American way," said car shopper Ernie Baker. "Compare two models and find out which one you want. Features, functions and benefits."

The Aura was named the North American Car of the Year by journalists at the North American International Auto Show. The side-by-side-by-side competition is part of an ad campaign that started Monday.

The owner of the Okemos and Grand Ledge Saturn bought the Accord and Camry for her showroom, and says it's a risk she's willing to take.

"Some people are going to love the Honda and the Toyota, and that's fine," said owner Sherrill Freeborough. "But at least we feel like we had the opportunity to show them all the other opportunities that we have."

Potential buyers can test drive all three cars. In fact, Saturn wants you to test drive all three. But the goal is for you to buy American, and keep your dollars in the states.

"Our competitors have always been Toyota, Honda and Nissan, and Saturn's new campaign is think American," said Freeborough. "The foreign vehicles can come here because we're so great with our democracy, but we can't take our cars there as easily."

Even with the price of gas going down, some customers see the competition as a way to save money.

"It makes it nicer," said Roberta Miller, who was looking at purchasing a Saturn. "That way you don't have to run from here to there or different car dealerships to find out what you need to know."

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