Fire Still Burning In Benton Township

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More than half of Kamps Pallets has been destroyed by flames, but the company's Chief Operating Officer says it's not a total loss.

"It could have been a lot worse was my first reaction," Bill Viveen said.

The fire tore through thousands of pallets leaving nothing but ash and debris in its wake. About half the yard was burned, before firefighters were able to contain it.

"Our big concern was to save the buildings, which we did," said fire chief Jack Fox of the Potterville Benton Township Fire Department.

Firefighters don't know yet what sparked the blaze that began just after six on Sunday night but they're not calling it suspicious.

"I'd say it's not arson, no," Fox said.

Firefighters let it burn throughout Monday morning but just before noon, another pile caught fire. That forced crews to move as many pallets as possible out of the area, making room for additional fire trucks and water.

Fox says it could be another two days before the fire dies down and for the smoke to clear. Until then they'll try to sustain it as much as possible.

"We've got some mulch that's out there. We're going to spread that out, put water on it and try to get the fire out<' he said.

And once it's out, the company will be able to survey the damage.

"We're still assessing that," Viveen acknowledged. "Just some mulch and some small pieces of equipment."

In the meantime, viveen says the company should be able to keep up with its orders and have moved the Benton Township employees to other Kamps locations throughout Michigan.

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