Massive Fire

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Just after 6:30pm Sunday evening, a fire broke out on Shance Road in Benton Township --- at a pallet factory and mulch business. It burned continuously for hours.

"The size of it, and from what I heard, the amount of pallets that are on the pallet farm, and it being hot for the last twelve hours today, I think that's having an effect on it," says Michigan State Police Trooper Brian Oleksyk.

At least ten different fire departments came out to battle the blaze. One fireman described it as a huge bonfire -- with the wooden pallets acting as fuel. He also said by midnight on Monday the fire had been contained and half of the property had been saved.
Trooper Oleksyk said there were no mandatory evactuations.

"I don't think it's spread out or anything. We're on a rural area out here. There's farm fields and stuff, but I don't think we're anywhere near that."

Potterville Fire Department is the lead agency and will handle the investigation. In the meantime, officials are asking the public for help on one thing.

"We advise if you don't live out here or don't live in the area, don't come off Hartell off of I-69 or Lansing Road. If you can avoid those two roads, we'd greatly appreciate it."

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