Voice Recorder Found From Plane Crash

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MILWAUKEE (AP)-- Divers on Friday recovered the flight recorder from a plane that went down in Lake Michigan this week, killing a team of surgeons carrying organs to a transplant patient.
Milwaukee Police Capt. Christopher Domagalski said divers found the voice recorder, but it hasn't been reviewed yet. He said he had no more information. The dive team from the Milwaukee police department has been coordinating the search.
Keith Holloway, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, said he wasn't aware the recorder had been recovered, but said it was possible. Divers identified a debris field containing much of the plane's wreckage on the lake bottom Friday, he said.
Police also confirmed that two bodies were found in the debris field.
The Cessna Citation went down in the lake Monday minutes after taking off from General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. Killed were cardiac surgeon Martinus Spoor; transplant donation specialist Richard Chenault II; David Ashburn, a physician-in-training in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery; transplant specialist Richard LaPensee; and pilots Dennis Hoyes and Bill Serra.
The organ procurement team, from the University of Michigan, was headed to Willow Run Airport near Detroit with donor lungs.
A 50-year-old Michigan man in need of a double lung transplant was on the operating table at the University of Michigan Health System hospital, his chest already cut open, when the plane went down.
The patient, whose name hasn't been released, got a new set of lungs in another operation that ended early Thursday.

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