Hybrid Clinic

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Last month 16-year-old Eric Kane injured his knee.

"I was playing baseball and went to throw, and a guy slid into me at second base. And I ended up dislocating my knee."

Rather than take him to an emergency department, his mother, Carole Tuckey, brought him to 98point6 Emergicenter.

"We'd been treated. He had his x-rays. He had his prescriptions."

And the entire process took less than 45 minutes.

"We feel that if you have a child or family member that's ill, it's not good to wait in line in back of ambulances or sit in a lobby next to someone that has like a stab wound."

Dr. Susan Fedawa is one of four board certified emergency physicians that run the hybrid emergency department slash urgent care clinic located in Lansing Township.

"We have CAT Scan, doppler studies, [we] have a stat lab, we have radiologic studies, all done on demand. And patients leave with results right away, just like an emergency department."

While the clinic is open ten hours a day on weekends, on weekdays it's only open from 5-10pm.

"We like people to see primary care doctors during the daytime, if possible, because that's the best medical care. But most injuries and accidents happen after hours or on weekends."

98point6 Emergicenter does not take ambulances or patients with severe trauma. But it does accept those without insurance.

"We do expect some form of payment because it is a business."

A business Eric and his family have already been to twice now and plan to revisit if they ever need emergency care again.

The clinic is located in the Mid-Michigan Physicians building at 1540 Lake Lansing Road Suite 102.

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