Lansing Flooding

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Another round of rain is on the way adding to the already record high totals we've received in the last few days. Meantime, mid-Michigan residents are trying to dry out.

Lansing resident Jodi Reeves is airing her basement for the second time in six years. Reeves lives in a flood zone and because of the recent rain she has an inch or two of water in her home on Pershing Avenue. But, it's not from a flood. Reeves says it's because the storm drains are overloaded which has backed up her drains, causing the dirty water to empty into her basement.

Just down the street, the Red Cedar River is running high and some of Lindberg Drive is closed to traffic. Part of Potter Park Zoo is also under water. Dennis Laidler, Education Curator at the Zoo, says because the zoo is on the edge of the flood plain it's not unexpected to have some high water this time of the year. Potter Park Zoo is closed until the water comes down.