Parent Arrested After "Aggressive, Physical" Contact with Student

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Sheriff's deputies arrived at Waverly Middle School just as classes were wrapping up Wednesday.

They were responding to an incident a district spokesman says took place in one of the school's hallways.

"It was aggressively physical contact that was prepetrated on the student," Waverly Community Schools Superintendent Thomas Pillar said.

Pillar says the parent, who is not being named because he has not been charged, had permission to be in the building. The man had just met with the school's assistant principal. The meeting, administrators say, went well.

Afterwards, he asked if he could go to his child's locker. When the parent did, he ran into a student his child had problems with in the past. That's when administrators say he got aggressive.

"Of course the assistant principal was called immediately and so was the police," Pillar said. "The individual was detained and the student that was involved went home with that child's parent."

A letter was sent to parents letting them know about the incident. It says the school will be increasing security procedures for the time being. It's something that will be considered for the long term as well.

"We could not have anticipated this," Pillar said. "However, in hindsight, we will go back and review all of our procedures during the summertime."

The superintendent says he just hopes the rare but troubling incident doesn't marr an otherwise successful schoolyear as it draws to a close.

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