Lansing School District Budget Proposals Unveiled to the Public

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Close to 50 teaching positions in the Lansing School District are on the line along with about 50 other support staff jobs.

Lansing School Board Vice President Dan Voss says when 85-percent of the budget is for salaries that's where the majority of the cuts have to be made, it's just a reality.

Zero percent pay increases for some 570 teaching assistants and support staff is another suggestion on the table. David Hockaday, President of the Lansing Education Assistants, attended a public hearing Thursday to tell the school board how he feels about the proposal.

Hockaday says a zero percent increase is not feasible.

The school board must slash $10 million in the next month. The upcoming cut has the board looking everywhere for answers especially since state funding continues to be a concern.

Other money saving suggestions include selling vacant school buildings, cutting back on high school block scheduling and reducing middle school teacher planning periods down to one.