Lansing School Cuts

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Lansing schools are facing more than $10 million in budget cuts. This comes one year after the school district cut $15 million from this year's budget.

Lansing schools are investigating ways to balance the budget by the June 30 deadline. The district says 85 percent of its budget goes towards funding salaries and benefits. That means layoffs are unavoidable.

Lansing is looking at cutting 100 positions, which could include the loss of more than 40 teachers.

School officials say reductions in state funds, rising health care costs, and an expected 400 student drop in enrollment for next year are to blame for the budget hole.

The district is also looking at cutting administrative support staff.

School officials say no matter what the future holds, they will investigate the enrollment of schools that are not at full capacity. They will look at the possibility of closing these buildings.