Floods Force Tenants From Homes

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Rob McDonnell was sitting in his apartment Monday night playing video games with his wife and sister-in-law when he noticed something strange.

"The carpet starting soaking itself from the inside out almost," he said." So I got up from where I was sitting and I stepped on the carpet and it was kind of soaked all around it."

Rob's garden level apartment at Castle Pointe in Meridian Township was flooded with nearly two inches of water.

"It feels like a lake in my living room. There was so much water the carpet was actually floating to where it was meeting this head on."

Among the damages were a mattress and his television, along with a few others.

"We had boxes on the floor that were full of books. They're wet now and that's a bit of a problem."

And Rob wasn't alone.

"My apartment is just a disaster," said neighbor Emily Unikel. "This is sopping through an inch, an inch and a half of water."

That had maintanence crews working well into the night. In all, a dozen units at Castle Pointe were flooded, forcing management to take action.

"We haven't experienced anything to this degree in my experience and I've been in the business for 15 years," said Manager Leslie Chase.

She says they are now offering free upgrades to anyone affected by the floods.

"We've contacted those that had the majority of the water in their apartments to find out what we can do to make them happy," she said. We certainly will make something available to them at least something comparable or better."

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