Local School Mourns Student's Death

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"She just graduated, and we lost someone who was actually a really good person," said Jackson High School Student Tara Roman.

She's referring to 18-year-old Amanda Santana, who died Sunday from her injuries in a car accident. Blackman Township Police say Santana lost control of her vehicle, and started to hydroplane when another car hit her.

At Jackson High School Monday, staff members discussed how to tell the student body the 4.0 student who had graduated just a week and a half ago, had passed.

"I just hope that people can live their days very special, and appreciate the people around them," said teacher Lori Dailey.

Santana was a student in Dailey's class, and says she was one most creative she'd ever had.

"She (Santana) was one we really appreciated. What a beautiful spirit, inside and out."

Grief counselors at Jackson High School said that because Amanda had just graduated with the rest of the senior class, a lot of her fellow seniors have not come back to talk about her death. Other students are taking Amanda's passing hard.

"She was really smart and caring, and she always helped someone out," said Roman. "I really noticed last night that I'm taking life for granted a bit."

Life is something Amanda's teachers say she never took for granted. Dailey says Amanda had a knack for creativity, and expressed it through design and technology.

"Her objective was to go. Maybe start out at Jackson Community College, but then go into an art institute, or something to do with art," said Dailey.

"All I know is, she's going to be missed a lot, not just by me, but by everyone," said Roman.

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