Did Gas Boycott Work?

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An email has been circulating across the country asking readers to boycott the gas pumps Wednesday. The question is, did it work? The answer Lansing drivers seem to say is, no. Drivers say the bottom line is, when the tank is low, they're going to get gas.

The email by an unnamed author claims a day-long boycott could cost the oil industry $4.6 billion. But the Michigan Petroleum Association says such a boycott would hurt individual retailers. Gas experts say retailers are already taking a ten cent loss per gallon. And, they also add, drivers would have to get gas sometime.

The state government is also addressing the high price of gas. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox says state investigators will be watching for price gouging through Labor Day. Consumers who think they've been gouged can call a consumer hotline at 1-887-765-8388.