Homes Flood

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About six feet of water fills the basement of Betty Crockett's Unadilla Township home in Livingston County, while her backyard has turned into a small pond. It's the second time in less than three years that this has happened.

"I got no words. I just don't think it should be right for me to get flooded all the time. But nobody wants to do anything. So I get flooded," she says.

"They says it's the county, then the township, then they put it back to the people. You know this is kind of a watershed place for the water to run, but nobody want to take care of it," says her son Clyde Crockett.

The water is coming from a farm runoff behind Betty's house.

Unadilla Township Supervisor James Peterson says, "They put sewers in, and a lot times when they put the sewer line in they crush those clay tiles and didn't replace them."

Peterson is talking about drainage tiles. He says MDOT is responsible for the ones on the west side of main street, but homeowners living on the eastside, like Crockett, are responsible for those.

"On a private drain, all affected people have to maintain the drain," he says.

"When they broke that tile down through here they broke our tile and put their tile in," says Betty.

Around three o'clock Sunday afternoon, the Unadilla Township Fire Department was called to pump water from half a dozen homes.

"We also have some sandbagging on the houses that are affected to try and keep the water from filling back up again after we pump," says Unadilla Fire Chief Mark Schroeder.

Betty says the township should have helped get the tiles fixed after the first flood happened. She estimates the damage to be upwards of $20,000.

"I think their homeowners insurance will pay," says Peterson.

"The insurance ain't going to pay because it's not really a flood zone. So she can't have flood insurance," Clyde explains.

The fire department says it will take at least a couple of days to completely drain the water.

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