Doing Business in Iraq

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U. S. Congressman Mike Rogers and officials from the Commerce Department met with mid-Michigan business owners Monday to talk about opportunities in Iraq. Congressman Rogers say he wants business owners to know about the vast possibilities, especially since Congress has allocated nearly $20 billion to rebuild the country.

Officials say areas such as consumer goods, agriculture, engineering, and hospitality are among the fastest growing businesses. Rogers called Iraq "the new American Gold Rush." But he also acknowledged economic and security concerns from business owners.
Business personnel at the conference Monday say they think there are a lot of possibilities for business in Iraq, but at this point, many are wary of security issues. And some also mentioned economic instability. They say they're concerned about being able to get paid for their services.

But the Commerce Department says it is working on reducing red tape and making the area more secure. To find out more information on doing business in Iraq, you can log onto