Man Killed In Construction Accident

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Lansing Township Police are investigating a construction accident near the Eastwood Towne Center that killed one worker and injured another.

"It appears to be an accident but we don't know what created this accident," said Township Police Chief Kay Hoffman.

Authorities believe a dump truck owned by Burns trucking in Eaton Rapids had a mechanical failure. A hydrolic system may have malfunctioned causing the structure to bend.

"It caused the load to shift and go on to the other vehicle," Hoffman said.

That other vehicle was owned by Crandell Brothers Truckiing in Charlotte and driven by a 35-year-old Corunna man who was pronounced dead at the scene. Another worker was sent to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The accident occurred around 2 pm Wednesday just north of the mall and NCG Cinemas. Police say the truck companies were bringing in filler dirt for a future land sale.

It took tow trucks several hours to clean the wreckage after the victim's body was removed from the site just after 5:30 pm.

"It's probably going to be several days if not weeks since we have heavy vehicles involved. We have more than just a simple traffic accident here," Chief Hoffman said.

The victim's name is not being released yet. Chief Hoffman says the body will be taken to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing where it will undego an autopsy on thursday morning.

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