Bicycle Advocacy

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About 80 bicyclists who pedaled their way to the state capitol Wednesday morning had three items on their agenda for the legislature and drivers.

Same roads, same rights, same rules--which is even more important now with the amount of construction taking place.

Sgt. Steven Blake with the Lansing Community College Police Department says, "In the downtown area there's a lot of traffic. There's also a lot of bicyclists, and we're finding that this year there's actually more persons riding bikes."

The event's hosts, the League of Michigan Bicyclists, believes the state may see even more pedaling because of the higher price of gas.

For bicyclist Erin Shelton who works with the disabiled, the ride represented so much more than switching petro for pedals.

She said, "most of the people that we work with don't get drivers licenses, and the bike becomes a form of transportation that's reliable, it's affordable. It really gives a sense of independence."

About a dozen groups showed up at the capitol for Wednesday's rally. Another goal for the cyclists was to make sure lawmakers know what they want.

Mike Boersma, with the League of Michigan Bicyclists says, "roads need to be improved, they need to be maintained properly in Michigan. It's important not only for bicyclists but also for people who drive cars."

Which is especially true for those enforcing the law--from two wheels instead of four.

"We just have to be constantly aware that they have a right to be there, and you have to watch out for them," Sgt. Blake said.

For more information on the League of Michigan Bicyclists or for a list of places where you can bike check out:

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