Five Accused of Break-Ins

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The break-ins were often in broad daylight, committed by a group--the Jackson County Sheriff's department says--in a green Chevy S-10 pickup.

In many cases, they'd break down the back door and take whatever seemed prudent--jewelry, cameras, video gaming equipment, and several guns.

"We feel we've been invaded," Gary Pilbeam, whose home on Elm Street was burglarized, says.

The stolen goods were sold to pawn shops and jewelry shops and even at a garage sale. The sheriff's office has recovered many, but is concerned about weapons still on the streets.

They ask anyone who purchased a gun at a garage sale on Teneyck Street to come forward. Call D/Sgt. Lee Rose at 517-768-7931.

Justin Michael Bailey, James Dean Vribes, Daniel Scott Keyes, Shirley Irene Koziol, and Jeffrey Steven Koziol have been arrested for the crimes. They stretched from Hillsdale County, into Washtenaw, and all over Jackson Counties.

Undersheriff Tom Finco says there are other suspects who could be still arrested.

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