Mosquito Population to Expand for Summer

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For many, mosquitoes are just a nuisance. More are biting this year, and Michigan's hot and humid weather is exactly what they thrive in.

"They survive better when it's more humid, when it's wetter out," said Michigan State Entomology Professor Ned Walker. "Mosquitoes are favored by those to factors in the environment. As the weather warms up, we're going to see very large mosquito populations."

Usually from March through June, a first group of mosquitoes hatch in the spring snow melt. Walker says another group is starting to emerge.

"We've also simultaneously had sufficient rains in May, that have stimulated our first brood of summer floodwater mosquitoes," said Walker. "What people in lower Michigan including the Lansing area are seeing right now is a combination of spring and summer mosquitoes together."

The combination could create a long summer for Bert Hull. The pest control operator has battled mosquitoes for the last eight years. He says the best way to rid yourself of the pesky pest is to keep your home clean. That includes maintaining bushes and keeping the grass cut. Mosquitoes thrive around gutters as well, which can sometimes go unchecked.

"If you get rain on a Monday, and the next four days it's going to be sunny, certainly within that period of time you're going to have a lot of mosquitoes stashed," said Hull.

Expect the mosquito population to grow with the wet weather scheduled for this week.

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