Memorial Day Weekend Ends With Added Police Patrols

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State Trooper Carissa Schneider is spending her Memorial Day on the road.

"I'm looking for people tailgating, for people speeding, for people not wearing their seatbelts," she lists as she cruises I-96 Monday afternoon.

The highways were peppered with patrols like Schneider all weekend long. After enjoying a long weekend of partying and BBQs, drivers, police say, tend to get lazy on the road and disregard the laws-- often a deadly decision. As of Monday night, State Police reported six car accident fatalities over the weekend.

"We're hoping our presence out there is enough to convince people to take it easy so everyone can get home safely," Schneider says.

Drivers agreed: That presence was hard to miss.

"We saw a lot [of police] today," says road-tripper Erin Leslie. "We saw three people pulled over already today, and we've only been driving an hour and a half."

"I watch for [police], but I didn't see any until 1:00 p.m.," says fellow driver Jeff Palmer. "I don't know if they were at parades in the morning, but after 1:00 p.m., I saw a lot of them."

Many on the roads say they subdued their driving this weekend in anticipation of the added patrols. But others weren't so lucky. Leslie says a friend of hers was nabbed by police and given her first ticket ever.

And just because the weekend is about over doesn't mean the troopers will let up. Schneider says the increased patrols will continue through Tuesday morning.

A warning, she says, so the vacation can end as happily as it began.

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