Milk Prices on the Rise

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Nash Dairy Farm near Ovid is experiencing high costs to produce their milk, but for the first time in two years, has the chance to turn a profit.

Dwight Nash, Co-Owner of Nash Dairy Farm, says for the last two years, milk prices were at 1970's levels. That is until March when a series of unanticipated cost increases and supply decrease in dairy cows forced the price of milk to rise.

By some accounts local milk prices have increased as much as 76 percent. Price increases due to; a price increase in the hormone that improves a cows total production of milk, a decrease in supply of Heifers due to the shut-down of Canada's exporting cows because of the Mad Cow scare, and finally, the cost of petroleum rising, impacting the transportation and cost of growing feed.

Nash believes the price volatility, which impacts the cost to make cheese, yogurt, and ice-cream, may continue for the next year.