$3.65 Gas Price Creates Outrage at Pump

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It's depressing," said college student Emily Ropp while pumping gas. After learning the price of gas would hit $3.65, she says she'll be staying home for the summer.

"I can't go anywhere or do much of anything," Ropp said. "Vacations are no chance."

Ropp shops at Mejier, and said she received a text message from the company telling her gas would jump around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Retiree Roland Barribeau says he simply saw the line of cars at the Mejier gas station on Pennsylvania Avenue where gas was $3.38, and assumed the price of gas was going to increase soon.

"The corporate headquarters are ripping us off," Barribeau said. "I think they should be put in jail for stealing from the people of America. Maybe President Bush ought to get off his high horse and help the American people out."

Some people waited for close to 15 minutes to fill up for gas, while right across the street at a Speedway gas station, drivers didn't''t mind paying the extra 27 cents per gallon.

"All the other stations had long lines, I just didn't have the time or the patience to sit in those long lines just to save 30 cents," said Steve Steve Bowerma.

While everyone WILX-10 saw filling up their car, truck or SUV, Nick Smith was filling up his boat. He says he has two cars, and is looking at getting a third was gas prices so high.

"I'm looking at a Geo Metro, a little Honda Accord, Ford Focus...something really small, 40 miles per gallon," Smith said. "You want to enjoy yourself and go away and do something, and gas if a factor now. So what do you do?

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