Compromise Budget Adopted: No New Taxes, No Layoffs

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The Lansing City Council approved a compromise $112 million budget Monday night that would include no layoffs, would not raise taxes and would not utilize the city's rainy day funds.

The compromise sets aside $100,000 to keep the city's golf courses open for the 2008 season even if they do not break even in 2007. The mayor's budget had suggested selling the courses if they didn't make at least as much money as they cost to run in 2007.

Other changes from the mayor's plan include $200,000 for repairs on the city's Hillsdale Street fire station. The station has been shuttered since October.

The compromise spends beyond the mayor's budget plan by using funds set aside for the city's future retiree health costs.

Councilmembers say the city will still set aside more than is required by law under the compromise.

The new fiscal year for the city begins July 1.

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