MSU Graduates Head Out Into Real World

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For the lucky ones who've landed a job, it's time to start working. Other graduating seniors will continue to search for a job in a less then perfect market, but for many it'll be back to school in the fall.

For Michael Fray, MSU graduate, it's a requirement of the teaching program he's already completed a portion of. But some are choosing to become students again as a way to gain more experience before starting the job search even though the extra education, required or not, doesn't guarantee a job. Christopher Ming, MSU graduate, says he has a number of friends going through the interview process and while some have gotten job offers others are still looking.

Michigan's unemployment rate is currently at 6.9 percent, the second highest number of any state in the nation. When jobs start to open up, the most recent class of MSU graduates will be well prepared. With degrees in hand, they're more likely to land a job then someone without an education.